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Classes beginning May 2022


Services Offered 

Anger Management

5 Weeks Course

This Anger Management group is an approved Court Mandated course.  This 6 weeks course will help you understand the emotion of anger, help you identify triggers and strategies to control your responses to challenging situations.

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8 Weeks Course

This Parenting education group is accepted by most for Court Mandated classes.  This 6 week group will explore various parenting styles, appropriate discipline, boundaries and the importance present parenting.

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24 Weeks Course

Family Violence Intervention Program is an approved Court Mandated program.  This course follows the GA Commission on Family Violence curriculum to help educate and prevent further incidents of violence.

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Adolescent Anger Management

5 Weeks Course

Anger Management course designed specifically for teens that struggle with managing their anger.  This group will help teens understand anger and develop healthy and long-lasting strategies to them control their responses.

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Parent - Child Conflict Resolution

4 Weeks Course

This group is designed to help families work through stages of conflict by gaining skills in listening, problem solving and learning to respect each other roles and goals.

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State Contracted Services

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WRAP Services - Dept. of Family and Children Services

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